Ketamine Assisted Therapy (KAP)

Unlocking the Potential of Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP):

In the realm of psychiatric treatments, ketamine emerges as a groundbreaking option, particularly as the only currently prescribed medicine with psychedelic properties. At WIP, our highly experienced and skilled psychiatrists, have harnessed the power of ketamine, utilizing its remarkable efficacy to address challenging psychiatric conditions.

Traditionally administered intravenously, ketamine has proven its profound antidepressant effects in clinical settings, often devoid of psychotherapeutic integration. However, a growing body of research demonstrates that combining ketamine with psychotherapy can potentially yield even more psychologically transformative results. This amalgamation of psychotherapy and ketamine is now known as Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP).

We embrace the holistic potential of KAP, extending its application beyond Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD) to encompass various mental health conditions. Our approach involves comprehensive evaluations by both therapists and psychiatrists, enabling tailored treatment plans. Depending on individual needs, patients may receive intranasal, intramuscular, or intravenous ketamine.

KAP’s effects lies in its ability to expand the mind’s horizons, fostering profound introspection and enhancing engagement in psychotherapy. It offers a meditative respite, catalyzing recovery from depression and trauma’s lingering effects.

Rest assured, safety is our priority. Every patient undergoes a psychiatric/physician assessment before embarking on the KAP journey. Our licensed and board-certified medical professionals, alongside our therapists, ensure patient well-being at all times.

Discover the potential of KAP for yourself. Each session is priced at $750, a gateway to transformative healing through a blend of psychotherapy and ketamine’s unique properties.

The Psychotherapy:

At its core, our approach leverages the transformative power of psychotherapy in conjunction with medicinal intervention. Through this synergy, we tap into the experiential facet of the medicine, enabling a fresh perspective and a direct encounter with self in an entirely novel light. This vital shift often serves as the missing piece of the puzzle, instilling hope in those grappling with mental illness and individuals seeking a transformative reframing that conventional methods may not provide.

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KAP: A Profound Journey of Healing and Discovery

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) represents a transformative path for both practitioners and patients, marked by intensity, demands, and profound rewards. The extended sessions, lasting up to two hours, coupled with supervised recovery periods for patients, can be energetically demanding. As with any transformative experience, the context and environment hold paramount importance. Within our offices, we painstakingly create a haven of safety and warmth, ensuring a space where trust can flourish.

Understanding the pivotal role of trust in trauma healing, our therapists embody a deep commitment to patient well-being, exemplifying the core principles of psychotherapy (Van Der Kolk 2014). Over the course of extended sessions, therapists cultivate a unique atmosphere of human connection, fostering a safe haven while respecting the boundaries of patient autonomy.

Attachment wounds find solace within a therapeutic realm marked by compassion, reliability, and recognition of patient vulnerability (Brown and Elliott 2016). Acknowledging the vulnerability inherent in altered states, we often work in tandem with patients, encouraging them to lower their defenses and embark on a free-flowing journey, shielded from intrusion or violation.

Within this realm, the constraints of conscious thought and emotion dissipate, allowing for a liberated exploration of inner landscapes. These voyages unfold in realms beyond conventional notions of time and space, unveiling novel perspectives. While at times intense, these experiences can be perplexing, but our dedicated ketamine therapists adeptly guide and integrate your journey into your daily life, fostering profound insights and healing along the way.

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