Patricia Frischtak


Patricia Frischtak, MD

Patricia Frischtak,
Director of Outreach and Engagement

Dr. Patricia Frischtak: Pioneering Psychopharmacologist For Adults and Children

Dr. Patricia Frischtak is a renowned psychiatrist specializing in psychopharmacology, her expertise deeply enriched by a diverse and dynamic professional journey. As a highly skilled professional, her commitment lies in providing comprehensive, considerate psychiatric medical care to patients and families navigating complex mental health challenges.

Exceptional Training and Background:

Dr. Frischtak boasts a wealth of medical and psychiatric training, encompassing a prominent Adult Psychiatry residency at the Mayo Clinic and a transformative Child and Adolescent Psychiatry fellowship at the esteemed Children’s Hospital Boston.

Innovative Approaches:

With an eclectic blend of experiences, Dr. Frischtak has cultivated a distinctive psychiatric practice. She possesses extensive familiarity with cutting-edge treatments such as ketamine and TMS, contributing to her innovative and comprehensive approach to patient care.

Holistic Approach and Open Communication:

Central to Dr. Frischtak’s philosophy is the “Biopsychosocial Model,” an integrated framework that underscores her commitment to holistic diagnosis and treatment. However, she acknowledges that success lies not only in methodologies, but in the nurturing of open-mindedness and effective communication. Dr. Frischtak recognizes the paramount importance of these qualities in fostering productive patient-practitioner relationships.

Dr. Patricia Frischtak’s dedication to pioneering treatments, holistic care, and meaningful patient interaction distinguishes her as an esteemed figure in the realm of psychiatry.

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