About Us

Discover a specialized psychiatric practice that's dedicated to transforming mental health care.

At Washington Interventional Psychiatry, we’re driven by a commitment to evidence-based, rapid-acting, and well-tolerated interventions for a variety of mental health conditions.

Reimagining Mental Health Care:

Traditionally, psychiatric treatment has revolved around psychotherapy and oral medications. While these approaches often succeed, our practice goes above and beyond to address complex cases and challenging conditions. Our team of expert psychiatrists boasts an unparalleled grasp of psychopharmacology, making them uniquely qualified to tackle even the most difficult cases.

For individuals who haven’t found relief with standard pharmacological therapies, who experience intolerable side effects, or who require urgent care, our approach of interventional psychiatry offers new hope. Through innovative interventions and breakthrough psychedelic treatments, we aim to deliver swift, effective, and well-tolerated results.

Our Methods:

Washington Interventional Psychiatry is a dynamic team of seasoned clinicians who blend traditional medication strategies with evidence-based, rapid-acting treatments. From accelerated TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) and Express TMS to transformative options like Ketamine Intravenous Therapy, Esketamine Intranasal Therapy (Spravato), and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP), our range of interventions is designed to complement or even replace conventional approaches.

Your Journey to Empowerment:

Our esteemed psychiatric team extends a warm invitation for you to explore our range of interventional treatments. We provide complimentary consultations to delve into the appropriateness of our therapies for your unique situation. Washington Interventional Psychiatry isn’t just a clinic – it’s a beacon of hope for those seeking effective, rapid solutions to mental health challenges.

Embark on your journey toward well-being with Washington Interventional Psychiatry. Elevating mental health care through innovation, expertise, and compassion.