Michelle Sanzo


Michelle Sanzo, PHD

Michelle Sanzo

Psychologist – Couples, Adults

I am a licensed clinical psychologist with over 15 years experience providing individual, couples, and group psychotherapy. I believe successful therapy involves creating a collaborative relationship based on mutual respect, acceptance, and a recognition of individual values and choices. I adjust my techniques and theoretical approach based on your needs, goals, and comfort level.

I have experience helping individuals and couples manage stress, depression, anxiety, and life transitions. I believe insight into our thoughts, feelings, and actions leads to fulfilling intimate and interpersonal relationships. I am trained in anger management and coping with the manifestation and consequences of intimate partner and domestic violence.

I specialize in helping clients develop the practical skills needed to navigate a range of interpersonal relationships including family connections and workplace dynamics. Such skills include learning how to establish and maintain healthy relationships through self-directed growth and gaining the confidence to set clear limits and boundaries, while breaking cycles of unstable relationship patterns. I help clients hone these skills in the changing landscapes of pre-marital relationships, new parenthood and caregiver roles, and occupational transitions.

In my work as a marriage and couples therapist, I provide a range of tools and techniques to facilitate effective communication, resolve conflict, find common ground, and build lasting intimacy. I have experience with couples in both short-term and longer-term therapeutic arrangements, including couples in crisis. Depending on your circumstances and goals, I offer a tailored program of intensive work one-on-one and as a couple.

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