Emily Leiner

Emi Leiner

Emily Leiner

Emily Leiner is a board certified Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner based in Washington, DC.

She earned her degree at Yale University, where she sub-specialized in child and adolescent psychiatry in addition to work with adults. She served as a preceptor for Columbia University’s Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Program and has an additional Master’s in Clinical Social Work. She has several years of experience in community health, where she specialized in psychopharmacology. Emily is committed to providing high quality and compassionate care. She utilizes evidence-based treatments with a strength-based approach that integrates the unique biological, psychological, spiritual and social needs of each person. She values the therapeutic relationship as a vehicle for transformative change, and takes care to designate appointments with enough time to explore life’s challenges together.

Outside work, she can be found spending time with family, playing guitar, and biking.

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