Marc Dalton


Marc Dalton, MD

Marc Dalton

Dr. Marc Dalton: Expert in Adult and Child Psychiatry

Dr. Marc Dalton’s journey through medicine and psychiatry has been marked by excellence and dedication. He received his foundational education at Wake Forest University, followed by a comprehensive medical training. He pursued a general psychiatry residency at the Medical University of South Carolina and continued his studies at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard University Medical School, specializing in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Board-certified in both general and Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Dr. Dalton’s commitment to enhancing mental health is unparalleled.

Holistic Expertise:

Dr. Dalton’s holistic approach to mental health is enriched by his Masters of Public Health from The Bloomberg School of Public Health at The Johns Hopkins University. With over 20 years of experience, he has made impactful contributions across various sectors of psychiatry. From his role as Chief Clinical Officer for the DC Department of Behavioral Health to establishing urgent care clinics at the INOVA Hospital Systems, Dr. Dalton’s influence spans diverse settings.

Academic and Leadership Contributions:

Dr. Dalton’s passion for education led him to academic positions at esteemed institutions, including Children’s National Medical Center, Georgetown University Medical School, George Washington Medical School, Louisiana State University Medical School, and Harvard University Medical School. He is a sought-after lecturer in mental health prevention and treatment, sharing his expertise with a wider audience.

A Legacy of Contribution:

Dr. Dalton’s impact extends to shaping mental health practices within communities. His involvement in training the DC Metropolitan Police Department, particularly in Crisis Intervention Officer mental health and de-escalation training, underscores his commitment to holistic care.

Championing Inclusivity:

Dr. Dalton’s commitment extends to fostering inclusivity and support for multiple communities. Notably, he is dedicated to the well-being of the LGBT community, as well as the minority communities. His compassionate approach ensures that individuals from diverse backgrounds receive tailored and empathetic psychiatric care.

Dr. Dalton’s unwavering dedication to advancing mental health, coupled with his commitment to inclusivity, establishes him as a respected figure in the realm of psychiatry.

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