Interventional Psychiatry Treatments
for DC Legal Professionals

Feeling burned out and stuck? We can help you get your energy and life back.

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Escape the cycle of stress, anxiety, and depression with cutting-edge, personalized treatment tailored for professionals like you.

You’ve built an impressive law career, but hidden beneath the professional accolades and achievements, you may be struggling. The constant pressure, demanding schedules, and competitive environment often take their toll on legal professionals. Stress may be causing sleep disturbances and agitation at work and at home, all threatening to unravel what you have worked so hard to achieve.

You're not alone.

The following statistics paint a dark picture of the health of those in the legal profession, which begs the question, what can be done about it?

The most stressful occupation in the United States is being a lawyer, according to an analysis by the Washington Post of data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

feel mental health problems and substance abuse are at crisis levels in the legal industry
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Lawyers facing high stress coupled with loneliness are more likely to contemplate suicide, a new study has found, adding to a growing body of research on mental health conditions facing the legal profession.
Unfortunately, for many legal professionals, traditional treatment options, including antidepressant medications and therapy, have fallen short. However, there is hope for legal professionals seeking relief.

If you feel frustrated, tired, and like you’ve tried it all, it’s time to try WIP.

Our team of board-certified interventional psychiatrists specializes in helping overburdened professionals overcome treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

We understand the unique challenges legal professionals face and leverage cutting-edge, evidence-based therapies to get you back in control of your legal career.

What makes Washington Interventional Psychiatry different?

Interventional Expertise & Rapid Results

Our board-certified MDs offer guided FDA-approved innovative options like ketamine-assisted therapy and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) that are proven to deliver rapid, more sustained results.

Safe, Non-Invasive, Personalized Plans

One size doesn’t fit all. Our Ivy League-trained psychiatrists tailor treatment to your specific needs and busy schedule, minimizing disruptions to your professional life and ensuring your optimal health at all times with minimal side effects and downtime.

Results-Oriented, Successful Outcomes

Expect clear goals, regular progress monitoring, and data-driven strategies to ensure you’re on the path to lasting recovery. Our practice is Outcome-Tracking Certified by OutcomeMD.

Confidentiality and Discretion

Your privacy is paramount. We offer a safe and secure environment to address your mental health concerns with complete understanding and sensitivity.
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It’s time to prioritize your well-being.

Together, we can get your life back. Less stress and anxiety and greater control over symptoms of depression and trauma are possible.

Washington Interventional Psychiatry – where expertise meets compassion and where evidence meets results.

Schedule your free, confidential consultation today.


All information is held on protected HIPPA-compliant software. Our clientele also has access to telepsychiatry, minimizing commute to our offices if necessary, though we always encourage in-person visits if possible.
As ketamine is a Class 3 controlled substance, it requires safe administration under the supervision of a trained professional who is adherent to DEA and FDA policies. Washington Interventional Psychiatry goes above and beyond to meet those standards, having physicians and nursing staff prepare, administer, observe, and debrief patients during their Ketamine treatments.
Due to confidentiality, we cannot discuss identifying information pertaining to our patients. However, many patients come from all backgrounds, including legal backgrounds. Noticing that the legal profession’s stress is palpable in Washington DC., we wish to lend a helping hand in the safest way possible
Our offices are open throughout the work week, Monday-Friday. Physicians are available through our messenger service, enabling direct electronic 1-to-1 access for each client. Telepsychiatry appointments are more flexible and are dependent on the particular physician.
Our physicians strive to connect with outside community members. Collaboration and consolidation of care is of the utmost importance and leads to better outcomes for our clients. We will ask prospective clients for their consent to speak with their respective therapists and primary care physicians.
Yes, we do. Treatment after Ketamine and/or TMS may be needed. Therefore, Washington Interventional Psychiatry has dedicated in-person and virtual psychiatrists able to assist in continuing treatment.
Top Doctor Washingtonian 2020
Maurice SchiffMaurice Schiff
18:00 27 Feb 24
Andrew AxthelmAndrew Axthelm
00:53 22 Feb 24
Great practice! Followed my doctor here and not disappointed at all. Staff is extremely helpful, especially with issues around medication and assisting with insurance (not in-network, but help with my paperwork needs). Highly recommend.
Karen NicholsonKaren Nicholson
19:51 21 Feb 24
Dr Reddy was compassionate, knowledgable and thorough. For the first time in over a year I can feel some hope for this crippling depression that has become my life.The staff, the facilities, the ease of getting there was an added plus.
Trevor DavisTrevor Davis
20:51 13 Feb 24
Dr. Reddy is the most self-aware, attentive psychiatrist I have ever had. We started off with almost an adversarial relationship. I know he wants the best for his patients and is willing to question his assumptions while following the evidence. I can't promise you will find yourself here, but you will always feel like a person with dignity worthy of a good - if not great - life.
Eric JonesEric Jones
01:51 27 Dec 23
My experience with Dr. Raczynski was very positive. He was kind, patient and understanding. He put me at total ease and most importantly, he earned my trust. My experience today was fantastic and I look forward to my treatments with with him and getting back to being me again. Thank you Dr. Raczynski.
Tommy ScibiliaTommy Scibilia
02:16 09 Nov 23
Received really thoughtful and thorough care from the NP that did my intake. Left feeling heard and confident in my care plan.
Jeff DayJeff Day
15:59 08 Nov 23
Very educational and personally important first appointment with Dr Rokoske.
Lucia GravesLucia Graves
02:29 08 Nov 23
Lawrence RouseLawrence Rouse
03:41 03 Nov 23
Many years ago I was overwhelmed by the feelings of anxiety which imposed severe limitations on my life and happiness. I was fortunate enough to do research and wound up under the care of Dr. Roskoske. Through counseling and medications I have not only gained my life back but I am thriving. Never feel like the challenges of life are too much to deal with. Take them head on, secure the necessary trained professionals support that are genuinely concerned with your physical and mental health. This is my description of Dr. Rokoske, who has worked with me for many years. If you are having anxiety, depression or lifestyle issues I would highly recommend to get in touch with her through this organizational to work with the professionals. like Dr. Rokoske, to begin gaining control of your life. You can truly see that her esteemed efforts towards individual’s mental health is not only her career but her calling.
Alex GredeAlex Grede
07:53 28 Oct 23
WIP has been life-changing by providing the latest treatments that are considerably more effective while also taking considerably less time to take effect. The doctors, nurses and staff are all really helpful, knowledgeable, and care about you. They are amazingly quick to respond to questions and have on more than one occasion gone out of their way to make sure I got the treatment I needed.
23:46 14 Sep 23
Dr. Reddy is always there to help. His knowledge of psychology is tremendous. As a whole, the entire staff at Washington Interventional are fantastic. A top notch establishment.
glenn pizerglenn pizer
04:50 30 Aug 23
Can not recommend the WIP enough. Dr Reddy and everyone on his staff is amazing. David, Sam and Katheryn all so fantastic.
Bette Grant-OtunlaBette Grant-Otunla
00:18 29 Aug 23
Dr. Leslie Rokoske is a very special doctor. She is by nature, very compassionate and her interest in you as her patient is palpable.She is also very proficient in tweaking your medication so that you are on the correct dosage. I have been seeing her for almost three years and I am more than satisfied. She is an excellent doctor!
Marilyn CharltonMarilyn Charlton
17:59 04 Aug 23
Everyone in the office is warm, welcoming, and knowledgable.Sam and Catherine (RNs) are kind, helpful, and super caring.Dr. Reddy is phenomenal. Patient, clear, concise, and accessible.I felt like a hot mess when I started my treatment plan with them a few months ago. I am back to being productive and hopeful.These people saved Summer 2023 for me.Very grateful.