General Psychiatry Services for Children and Adolescents

Your top priority is your child’s health. We get it.

A female Therapist sits with a warm smile on her face as she encourages her young patient. She is dressed professionally in a suit and taking notes in a folder out on her lap, while the young boy is dressed casually and looking up at her.

At Washington Interventional Psychiatry, our child and adolescent clinicians are some of the best in the country, hailing from top training programs such as Yale, Mount Sinai, and Columbia. We offer holistic intake sessions, focusing on child and adolescent interviews and parent/guardian interviews, ensuring every detail is covered. Our clinicians are familiar with the school systems in Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland and often coordinate care with your local pediatrician, emphasizing a collaborative teamwork approach.

Medications can be a tool in helping your child succeed as well, and our clinicians will work with you to understand the risks and benefits of each medication choice.

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